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henry h001 .22lr du edition

Lever Action Rimfire P. Email me when Back-In-Stock. Low prices on the Henry Classic Lever Action in. Henry Repeating Arms takes its name from Benjamin Tyler Henry, the man who patented history's first repeating rifle in In honor of this iconic inventor, the modern day firearms manufacturer resurrected the Henry name in and currently produces their rifles in two different plants -- one located in Bayonne, New Jersey and the other in Rice Lake, Wisconsin.

Today, Henry ranks as the number five leading long-gun producer in the United States, quite an impressive accomplishment considering the company doesn't even produce shotguns, bolt action hunting guns or tactical firearms, but rather specializes in nostalgic lever and pump action rifles.

Inspired by the original Henry rifle, the Classic series is a Western style lever action. Any fan of John Wayne will immediately recognize the profile and styling of this gun. The rifle has a nice heft and solid feel to it, enough that it will never be mistaken for a toy. Owing to its huge popularity is the fact that the Henry is anywhere from one-half to one-third the price of its nearest competitors and entirely made in the U.

There is a lot to be said for a. While still a high capacity repeater, the necessity to operate a lever before firing each round is enough to slow young shooters down and force them to concentrate on proper shooting skills. It is also much safer than a semi- automatic, which can easily get away from a beginner.

Another advantage is the Classic Lever. Chambered for. The same cannot be said for the majority of semi- automatic rimfires. At the heart of the design is an extremely smooth action.

henry h001 .22lr du edition

It is so smooth in fact that many first timers simply cannot believe the gun has any internal parts. The Henry Classic Lever is fed through a tubular magazine located beneath the barrel. The rifle is capable of holding rounds of. Loading is fairly straightforward -- simply twist the magazine cap and remove the inner brass magazine tube, then begin dropping rounds in through the loading port. Once fully loaded, replace the inner magazine tube and twist lock it back in place.

An The rear sight is adjustable and the hooded front sight is well defined.

henry h001 .22lr du edition

All steel parts, such as the barrel and lever, wear a deep blued finish. The receiver is black anodized.If you selected a Big Boy rifle, please choose your caliber. CALL for details. For current delivery times and special delivery options, call or email info historicalarmory. Featuring original artwork and highly-detailed laser engraving, The American Lineman Limited Edition Rifle pays tribute to the rich historical legacy of America's linemen, who risk their lives daily to provide energy for America.

Perfect for birthdays, holidays, or as a retirement gift honoring a lifetime spent keeping the power on for America. Each fully functional rifle includes space on the buttstock for custom personalization, providing a unique opportunity to create your own treasured family heirloom that will be passed down for generations.

Show your appreciation for the dedicated, hard-working lineman in your life with The American Lineman Limited Edition Rifle, available exclusively from Historical Armory.

Sign in or Create account. The right side of the American walnut buttstock is engraved with an intricate, original piece of artwork that depicts the heart of American Electrical Power, while the left side is open for custom personalization available for an additional fee.

Finally, the left side of the receiver is engraved with elaborate artwork depicting the tools of the trade and is individually numbered 1 of2 ofetc. Share product with a friend. Helena St. Lucia St. Martin St. Shipping Methods.Skip to main content Skip to search.

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American Lineman Limited Edition Engraved Rifle

Georgia Gun-Store. Lanbo's Armory. DPW Gunsmith. Cornerstone Arms. Primary Arms. Diamond District Firearms. Hoosier Armory. Classic Firearms. Cheap Ass Ammo. The Modern Sportsman.Henry is both one of the oldest and newest names associated with the American firearms industry.

Inventor Benjamin Tyler Henry, working for business entrepreneur Oliver Winchester, patented a design for a lever action, tubular magazine repeating rifle in The Henry Rifle was the progenitor of various lever action sporting rifles developed subsequently by Winchester. The Henry Repeating Arms company of today began when entrepreneur Louis Imperato started a business in Brooklyn, NY inmanufacturing replica black powder revolvers.

Imperato soon acquired legal rights to the Henry Repeating Arms brand name. The first modern Henry firearm to be manufactured was the H The Company has grown from its modest beginnings. The Henry product catalog shows that they now produce eight separate models of lever action rifles, plus one pump action rifle and a lever action pistol.

They also make a single-shot, bolt action youth rifle and the AR-7 survival rifle. ForHenry will be introducing single shot, break-open shotguns and a lever action. It is reported that Henry built somefirearms in the yearwhich put the company seventh in production among all U.

Henry RAC has over employees. Henry Repeating Arms Co. The Company headquarters were moved to a modern manufacturing and office center in Bayonne, New Jersey in A second factory in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, produces receivers and other selected parts for Henry firearms.

Henry lever action rifles have earned a reputation for unusually smooth actions, good finish and attractive walnut stocks. Also notable is the Henry Lifetime Warranty, stated as follows with no lawyer-speak : "We offer a simple limited lifetime warranty.

If you have a problem at any time and it is our fault, we will correct it immediately at no charge. The warranty does not cover excessive wear and tear to parts or accidental damage. Henry brand firearms have grown, in variety and total production volume, to the point that I felt it would be useful to summarize the current offerings.The Henry Lever Action is a classic Western-style lever action rifle, and one of the most popular.

The Henry Lever Action rifle features an extremely attractive American walnut stock, the quality of which can only be found on guns three times the price. The action is exceptionally smooth, so smooth many first timers remark that they cannot believe the rifle has any internal parts.

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You simply have to get one into your own two hands and cycle the action a few times to see for yourself.

The blued steel barrel is machined with state of the art multiple groove rifling. The result is a highly accurate made in America shooter. The easy to load tubular magazine can handle 15 rounds of. And, a lot more fun to shoot. First I would like to thank you for all the swag that henry has sent for our event June 2. Secondly I would like to tell you about one of our newest customers. Noah is 12 years old and worked the last year mowing lawns, helping around the house and whatever he could do to earn a buck.

After saving the year he came to my store to purchase his first 22LR, after looking at all the guns I had available, approx 6, he settled in and chose the Henry 22LR and paid for it himself and went to the range and had a blast shooting. Attached is the picture of Noah and his first purchase. Again thank you for your support and thank you for making a fine american firearm.

I just wanted to let you know Mr. Anthony Imperato that I love your guns and quality. I have absolutely no words to describe the utmost high quality and standards that you ensure in every unit product that you manufacturer. Henry William is 3 weeks in this picture. I contacted you a few years ago to express my satisfaction with my Henry 22 rifle, and you sent me a mug, which I use every day!

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I was finally able to purchase a big boy carbine rifle, and I absolutely love it. The ability to reliably feed both and 38 special is tough to find with lever action rifles, but your product does so wonderfully.

Thank you for producing such a wonderful product! Dear Sir.

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Enclosed is my picture from July. Beautiful evening at the range with my 22 Henry I bought exactly a year ago.

What a great rifle and great fun shooting it! I wish Merry Christmas to You and all your employees! Hello, Im a locomotive engineer from Canada.Anschutz Target Rifle 22 Long Rifle If your FFL dealer has been forced to close, has voluntarily closed or if your state has enacted restrictions affecting the transfer of firearms, you may not be able to complete your firearm transfer.

You must contact your FFL dealer before ordering to ensure they are open for business and able to perform the transfer. While MidwayUSA continues to sell and ship firearms to all FFL dealers who are open for business if your FFL dealer is not open or is unwilling to accept your gun shipment, we may be forced to cancel your gun order. The retail business environment is changing every day, in some cases hour by hour.

MidwayUSA is doing its very best to get every order to our Customers quickly, while at the same time complying with all legal requirements.

henry 22 lever action For Sale

To ensure we operate within the law, we are having to change processes rapidly. We are very sorry for any inconvenience you may experience and assure you we will resume regular business operations as soon as possible. Thanks for your business and loyalty! Eligible for. Now the Eagle soars a little higher with the introduction of the Silver Eagle 2nd Edition, and its cousin, the Golden Eagle. Retaining the same general features as the Silver Eagle, both new rifles are available in.

Logical upgrades from the original Silver Eagle, both are fine examples of American craftsmanship that you can show and shoot with equal pride, and consider how a pair of these could brighten up your den, office, or living room in a matched set of our hardwood wall display cases.

Drilled and tapped receiver for scope mounting Long Rifle version also shoots 22 long and 22 Short Octagon barrel Engraved receiver. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. You can learn more about the cookies we use and why we use them by viewing our Privacy Policy.

Henry H001: Unboxing And First Shots

By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies. This product is currently Out of Stock, No Backorder Here are some similar products currently available. See Details. You last purchased this product on. Add to Cart for Price.

Additional charges for Non Free Shipping products, products shipping to remote locations, HazMat products, and large or heavy items still apply. One Time Offers have limited quantities available and usually once they are sold out, they are not offered again.He patiently answered many of my questions. I'd also like to thank our guide, Christine.

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Overall we had a fantastic holiday, helped a great deal by the good weather. We had planned for a lot of rain, but we just followed the sunshine around the country. Moving on every day or two was quite hard work but because of doing that we saw a lot of the country - which we loved.

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The quality of the sunshine and the air was quite exceptional, the long sunny evenings were a bonus and the lack of crowds made such a pleasant change from England. The organisation of the holiday worked well, with trains, boats, planes and hotels all linking up well. In most cases we managed to walk from our hotels to railway stations.

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We appreciate all the efforts Bjarni went through to make sure that our tour was very enjoyable. We had many upgrades and I believe that Bjarni was instrumental in making those happen.

Both trips with Nordic Visitor have been beyond expectations. They will always be my first choice for traveling in the Northern Countries.

henry h001 .22lr du edition

Overall, we were very happy with Nordic Visitor, especially with the itinerary materials we received on arrival and the seamless experience we had from arrival to departure. The Garmin GPS we received with our car was very helpful, particularly in locating hotels and other necessities. Thank you for the good map with all the suggested stops. We especially liked the homemade ice cream. All the travel documents were well organized, and we really appreciated your suggested stops and highlights.

We loved all the waterfalls. Everything was as expected or better than expected.

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The list of possible extra activities was very helpful. The detailed map of Iceland with personalised suggestions (including home made ice cream. You were very thorough in preparing the information and this made our visit easy and gave us every opportunity to see the wonderful sights of Iceland.

I found Iceland a most beautiful and exciting country but more important and impressive is the quality of your society as a whole. I thank you at all at Nordic Visitor in particular and all the people of Iceland in general for making my visit so memorable Everything was wonderful. Many of the hotels were modest, but that's what we expected. They were still quite nice and comfortable.

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